GeoHydroCycle, Inc. provides services to engineering and environmental consulting firms, private clients, industries, regulatory agencies, banks and law firms. Typical services include:
  • Licensed Site Professional services
  • Site assessment and cleanup
  • Tank closure and assessment
  • Litigation support and expert testimony
  • Water Management Act permitting
  • New Source Approval permitting
  • Groundwater modeling
  • Groundwater Discharge Permitting
  • Geothermal Wells
  • MA Title V Groundwater Modeling Training
As a small business staffed by professionals, GeoHydroCycle, Inc. is uniquely capable of providing our clients with senior level consulting and design expertise without excessive overhead expense.

GeoHydroCycle, Inc. uses interdisciplinary technical research, comprehensive analysis and computers to provide clients with high quality and prompt results. The firm employs a wide variety of standard software including graphics, GIS, computer-aided drafting (CAD), technical analysis and database programs, geologic mapping and analyses, as well as scientific programming languages. GeoHydroCycle has published several computer programs for use in the analysis of aquifer test data, aquifer test planning, and groundwater flow.