GeoHydroCycle, Inc.

Groundwater Consulting Engineering Practice

in Newton, MA

GeoHydroCycle, Inc is an environmental consulting practice specializing in groundwater hydrology and environmental investigations. Since 1991, we have been offering our services to engineering and environmental consulting firms, private clients, industries, and regulatory agencies.

What We Do

GeoHydroCycle, Inc.


  • Groundwater Discharge Permitting

  • New source approval permitting

GeoHydroCycle, Inc.


  • Groundwater modeling

  • Groundwater discharge permitting

  • Geothermal Wells

  • Groundwater Supply Permits

  • Software

GeoHydroCycle, Inc.

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Our company is founded by Stephen W. Smith, a professional hydrologist and engineer with over 43 years of industry experience. With extensive consulting experience, we strive to provide clients with timely and effective solutions. We partner with developers helping them find ways to get water supply and waste water discharge areas for their projects. Please contact us today for more information.